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Business Development and Management

We offer a complete business development and management curriculum designed to help professional hoof trimmers, farmers, and veterinarians navigate the agribusiness landscape.  Our programs are taught by top-level industry professionals with decades of experience.  Course times and availability vary based on demand and instructor availability.  If you are interested in enrolling in a specific course, please contact us and let us know which course you are interested in and we will help you enroll in the next available class.
  • Business Development and Marketing.
  • Agribusiness Essentials: Corporate Structure, Taxation, Accounting, Insurance, and more.
  • Ag Based Sales 101, 201, 301, and mastery programs.
  • Understanding the national and world ag market and how they impact you.
  • The power of attitude and its relation to success.
  • Work-Live management in the ag world.
  • Managing a business as an independent owner.
  • HR essentials for the ag industry.
  • Planning for the Future:  How to plan your legacy.

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