Hoof Trimming Training


Providing professional hoof trimming training for dairy cattle hoof trimmers, farmers, and veterinarians in a small comfortable atmosphere.

The hoof trimming course is designed to instruct a person with a basic understanding of dairy cows to be a professional hoof trimmer. You will learn the improved Dutch Method technique along with the anatomy of the hoof and how each part of the hoof is important and its functions. This is a very detailed class with an emphasis on quality corrective hoof care. A strong work ethic paired with a complete understanding of the hoof will be a concrete foundation for your business as a professional hoof trimmer.

Aaron LaVoy has been a professional hoof trimmer at the top of the field since 2004, and serves the very top dairies in Wisconsin. He currently provides maintenance for roughly 3,500 cows. Each cow is trimmed at dry off and near 110 days in lactation, which equates to 2.5 times per year for each cow.

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