Critical for Comfort, Longevity and Maximum Milk Production

Dairy farmers and hoof trimmers find the innovative features valuable in the daily tasks of livestock care. Quality, efficiency and comfort are why Appleton Steel’s upright hydraulic hoof trimming chutes are the top choice of hoof trimming professionals around the world. Chutes are also referred to as hoof trimming stalls or hoof trimming crushes.

Benefits of Appleton Steel Chutes:

  • Designed by hoof trimmers with over 30 years of experience
  • Trim more cows in less time
  • Reduce strain and promotes safety for cows and trimmer
  • Treat lameness before it affects production
  • Assists in dry treat and vet checks
  • Keeps cows happy, healthy, and comfortable

Features of Appleton Steel Chutes:

  • Energy saving LED work lights
  • Chute elevates with a positive hydraulic chain assist up & down motion, stopping any tilting or unstable lifting, and allows easy setup on uneven ground
  • Dual rear leg lifts
  • High strength powder coated steel frame gives a low center of gravity
  • Rear come-along system the moves the cow from the back to the front of the chute, adaptable to any size cow
  • Front leg lifts are unique to the industry, clamp on and lift the hoof and leg in a natural motion, keeping you away from the foot
  • Parker Hydraulic pumps, hoses and fittings. Parker is the leading hydraulic supplier in the world. Service is readily available worldwide.
  • Parker Hydraulic piston pump & a 1 horse Wattsaver motor uses 4 amps of power, along with a belt drive for quiet operation
  • Ultra Chute model easily plugs into 110V power and has an optional roof and pull out shades for trimmer comfort
  • All hoof trimming chutes have a limited 1 year warranty

Cold weather trimming with Midwestern Hoof Care

Appleton Steel Ultra Chute Setup with Midwestern Hoof Care