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We understand your need for quality, reliability, and ease of use along with safety and comfort for both you, the professional trimmer, and the cow.  Because of this, we combine all that knowledge with the very latest technology and manufacturing best practices and the result is a premium chute that sets the bar as the gold standard!

At this time, we are offering three (3) state-of-the-art hoof trimming chutes available in the United States and Canada, and one (1) European/International model (crush).

All of our chutes are 100% made to order, meaning we take the base model and let you choose the options, functions, and extras that will assist you with performance, convenience, and production. Plus cows love the Appleton!!

Appleton Ultra Pro: The Appleton Ultra Pro is the gold standard when it comes to Professional mobile hoof trimming chutes.  This chute offers superior travel comfort and convenience while providing the trimmer with everything needed to trim at the professional level.  Trimmers also love the fact that the Appleton Ultra Pro offers a number of customizable features to improve trimmer comfort, safety, speed, and efficiency.  Each chute is made to order so you can feel confidant that you have the perfect chute for your style of trimming.

Dairyman Classic: The Dairyman Classic is a stationary farm/barn professional hoof trimming chute.  The Dairyman Classic is the perfect on-farm solution for dairies wanting to fully integrate their hoof trimming chute into the design and flow of their dairy.  Cow comfort and trimmer comfort alike have been carefully integrated into the design of this chute.  Comprehensive safety features complement the smooth flowing power options to keep the cows flowing at a fast and fluid pace.  In-house trimmers and outside contract trimmers agree that the Dairyman Classic is the perfect stationery chute option.

Dairyman: The Dairyman is a lighter trimmed-down version of the Dairyman Classic. This stationary barn/farm chute is considerably shorter and lighter than the full-size classic model.  The rear sort gates and walk-through gates have been removed making this an ideal chute for barns where space may be an issue.  The Dairyman is a very comprehensive entry-level chute that is perfect for smaller dairies, schools, and those wanting to experience the quality and efficiency of an Appleton Steel chute before committing to the full-size professional model.

Dairyman International: The Dairyman International comes in two models: The Dairyman Classic and the Dairyman.  However, we have added small wheels and a remote-control unit to power in and out of a custom trailer and around the barnyard.


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